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Advanced Weather Radar Systems, CEC, Brussels, 1998, pp. 150–158

Radar Measurement of Precipitation in non-optimal Conditions

Marjan Divjak

Reproduction permitted by European Communities.


Differences between the radar-estimated rainfall aloft and the corresponding raingauge-measured rainfall at the ground can be corrected by various techniques. In this article, three typical representatives of the following three main correction classes are statistically evaluated and inter-compared, using a common radar / raingauge data set: assessment factors, regression functions, and vertical extrapolations. Each correction method diminishes radar errors to a significant extent. Mean regional hourly overestimations up to 2 dB in the melting layer and mean underestimations up to −5 dB above it are all corrected to about 0 dB. The most promising method for operational applications turns out to be the vertical extrapolation of precipitation fields. The method is physically sound, simple to implement, and well suited for operational applications in real time.

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